Christy's Gym & Personal Training


Looking for a Personal Trainer?

How about working out in a Private Gym?

You will have private training and exclusive use of my gym and after our session relax in a private sauna for an excellent way to relieve your sore muscles!

There is no magic diet pill or portion to lose weight; it takes hard work. You need to eat healthy and make smart decision on your food selections and portions and combine that with cardio and resistance training!

With a combination of healthy eating and physical exercise you will see results!

I know this because I have been there! I was 5'2 and weighed in at 170 pounds at my heaviest! I learned about eating a better healthy diet and began exercising every day, and with alot of hard work, and constant dedication, a year later, I weighed in at a healthy 125! No magic pills, no surgery, and no gimmicks. Hard work at making smart good choices and doing cardio EVERY day along with resistance training turned my body into a healthier one!

After seeing this, and learning to actually enjoying working out, I started studying with the American Council on Exercise and became a certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant and Personal Trainer.

I have many certifications and with my passion and education I want to help you learn what it takes to turn your bad habits into a healthier lifestyle and learn about cardio and resistance training!

There is no short-term solution out there-you have to make permanent lifestyle changes and incorporate physical activities into your daily routine it is truly a balance of good nutrition and safe exercise that will help you achieve your goals.

I can assess your current fitness level and help you make SMART goals for yourself. I will incorporate the food you enjoy eating and help you learn about portion control and balancing your meals. I will also teach you about the importance of Cardio and Strength Training.

I cannot melt your pounds away nor can I promise you will have the dream body you have always wanted. I can promise you that I will help you change your way of looking at those false advertisements and help you create a more realistic image of what your body management goals should be and how to change your lifestyle to achieve success!

Call me when you are ready to make a permanent change!

~You have everything to lose and gain!~